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Each professional is fully licensed and with experience or in an intern program under supervision and has met the highest quality of education and training put forth by the certification process. Below is academic information as well as the population with whom each therapist specializes. At the end of this page for your edification, you will find more information explaining the "alphabet soup" certifications after each therapist's name. 
 For more information concerning each therapist, please visit each page.
Dr. Jackie Keish, LMFT, LPC-Supervisor, BCIA-EEG 
Clients are children through adults 
B.A. (Bachlors) Special Education - La. Tech
M.A.(Masters) Special Education, Diagnostician - La. Tech
M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy - St.Mary's University
Ph.D. (Doctorate) Marriage and Family Therapy - St. Mary's University 
Dr. Lisa Houghteling 
Clients are adults and the elderly
B.A.- Psychology - U.T. Dallas
M.S. - Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology - U.T. Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology - U.T. Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Angela Stillman, LMFT, LPC, Ph.D (cand.)
Clients are children through adults 
B.S. - Psychology - Texas A&M University
M.A.- Professional Counseling - Texas Wesleyan University 
Trisha Murphey-Rae, LCSW
Clients are teens through adults and elderly
M.A.- Rutgers University 

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